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Do You Need Orthotics for a Job Search?

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I do.

Found out last week I have plantar faciitis in my right foot, so have to go get “scanned” for orthotics. Plantar faciitis is caused, in my case, by workouts that put stress/weight on the balls of the foot, such as lunges, jumping jacks, etc. in other words,  the P90X workout I was doing. Probably means I can’t go to boxing class eithe, oh well,on to low-impact-something. After this to the Honda dealer to get brakes checked. Thankfully they have wifi so I can get on the job hunt with my laptop.

Today also starts my career search makeover. On tap for new ‘do later this afternoon.  On a lighter note, got a lead from a job search site for a management job…at Just Tires. No dis, but I’m not exactly qualified for auto repair management. Must tweak the search bot on that one stat.

Written by Krista Summitt

November 18, 2008 at 2:21 pm

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